Welcome to Marie-Louise von Malmborg

and Helande Rörelse!

The translation of helande rörelse is healing movement. I work with Sacred Circle dance, Body-therapy; The Rosenmethod and Massage, Meditation and Inner symbols through various Creative expressions. All the above-mentioned expressions creates a movement towards your own inner centre where the source of life flows and where healing occurs.

I have an education in massage and I am a Certified Rosentherapist, I have also participated in shorter courses in different kinds of healing methods, for ex. Reikihealing.

I have learnt Sacred Dances from many teachers during many years and have also done an education for teachers. Since 1992 I have been leading and teaching Sacred Circle Dance in Sweden. Together with the priest Maria Rönn I introduced Sacred Circle Dance in The Swedish Church in Stockholm 1992. Since then it has become a well known movement within the church.

I have an education in ”Symbolic work” at the educational centre ”Symbolon”. Through dance, meditations, visualization, spontaneous painting and writing and through working with dreams and myths, we open ourselves to the inner symbolic world. There we gain greater self-knowledge and receive from its healing powers. 

I work both with individuals and groups. Welcome to participate in a workshop or dancing-circle. For further information about programmes please contact me: 076-8483911, mlm@helanderorelse.se